The Women in the Life Association (WITLA) is a social justice organization advancing the rights of lesbians of color through cultural affirmation, education and advocacy.


We envision a world where lesbians of color live with pride, dignity, and justice.


The organization began as a for-profit enterprise and was founded by Sheila Alexander-Reid in 1993. In 2002, The Women in the Life Association became a 501C-3, non-profit organization and was founded to respond to the gaps left by mainstream LGBTQ organizations with regard to issues impacting lesbians of color.

WITLA is unique and distinct from other LGBTQ organizations because it focuses specifically on the needs and concerns of lesbians of color and their families. Further, it is led by lesbians of color with an eye towards ensuring that lesbians of color are placed in roles of leadership in their communities and within the organization.

The primary target population is African-American, Latina, Native-American, Asian-Pacific Islanders lesbians 21 years of age and older. The organization is led by a diverse group of lesbians of color. The secondary target population and audience are gay men of color, white women, and LGBTQ organizations. We work with the secondary target population to leverage resources and information; strengthen our education and advocacy efforts; and improve programs and services offered by organizations to lesbians of color.