Sheila Alexander-Reid

Founder/Executive Director

Sheila Alexander-Reid is a strong advocate for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. She has established a communication network through four distinct businesses under the Women in the Life brand targeting underserved lesbians of color. Sheila has played a major role in mobilizing this silent segment of the community to identify and address the issues that impact their lives. Her Women in the Life network, includes a magazine, an events management company, a web portal, and more recently a non-profit association.

Of the four businesses, she is most proud of the Women in the Life Association. This non-profit arm is spearheading the Wanda s Will Project. Founded in honor of the late Wanda Alston, the Project empowers the LGBT community to execute living and final wills in order to protect their rights in life and beyond.

Sheila has had a distinguished and impressive professional career in journalism and marketing at the Washington City Paper for 22 years. She is currently their Business Development Manager and leads display sales with over 10 million dollars in revenue. A Cincinnati, Ohio native, Sheila has lived in the Washington DC area for over 30 years.


Khadijah Tribble

Board Member

Khadijah A. Tribble has over 10 years experience working as an agent of change in the social justice community. Most recently she has been a staunch advocate for youth in the District of Columbia. She has worked with Community Based Organizations like Covenant House Washington under the tutelage of District of Columbia’s Council Chair, Vincent Gray and the Young Women’s Project to prepare young people for positive and engaged citizenship. Additionally Khadijah has worked with Women in Community Service and Catholic Charities.

Khadijah is the founder and owner of Trifecta Consulting Group, a pre-eminent provider of mobilization and political power solutions for organizations dedicated to social and economic justice. In addition, she serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Women in the Life Association, (WITLA), a social justice organization advancing the rights of lesbians of color through cultural affirmation, education and advocacy. In her capacity as a board member with WITLA, she chairs the coordinating committee of the Wanda’s Will Project.

In her role as an activist and youth advocate, Khadijah has appeared as a guest on the nationally syndicated Bev Smith Show and the Audrey Chapman Show. Working to unite across differences, Khadijah has been featured in articles in the Washington Blade highlighting her work as a change agent in the fight for equality. Locally, she has participated in panels for DC PFLAG and SMYAL as well as provided sensitivity training to area DC Public schools.

She has organized around issues such as welfare reform and living wage initiatives in both Arizona and Alabama. No stranger to grassroots organizing, Khadijah’s community activism began at a young age as a Junior Member of the National Association for the Advancement Colored Peoples. From then on, she has held numerous key positions which include being appointed to the Pima County Women’s Commission, and chairing Pima County’s American Association of University Women.

When Khadijah is not advocating, fundraising, or politicking, she enjoys a quiet life with her wife, Robin, and their sons.